When open source web apps compete with SaaS, it's interesting.

After learning about Baserow on HN, I decided that I needed to write about that trend in the open-source/startups world, to create an alternative of X (SaaS) that is self-hosted, but also that you can pay to have hosted for you, if you're not technically inclined.

Here is a list of high-quality products that I've seen so far using that approach:

SaaS Open, Self-Hosted Alternative
AirTable Baserow
Roam Research Athens
Google Analytics Plausible
Slack Mattermost
LastPass Bitwarden
GitHub Gitlab
Google Drive Nextcloud

What's cool with those alternatives is that even though they offer a free self-hosted version that is open-source, they still offer their very own service to help monetize their project.

It helps getting market adoption, since there's no lock-in because you can (in most cases I think) always export the data to your self-hosted version when you want to manage your own instance.