Some of my friends

Francis Perron, Co-founder of Trinary.

Yan-Charles Desjardins, Freelance Full-Stack developer.

Louis-Pier Charbonneau, Graphic Designer.

Julie Lapointe, Web Designer.

Joelle Beauregard, UI/UX & Product Designer.

Ralph Spandl, Data Viz expert.

Sébastien Cayer, Graphic Designer.

Some people I admire

Devine Lu Linvega, (Ex-Montrealer, lol) He's – IMO – the greatest { Artist ∩ Programmer } I know of.

Avery Pennarun, Montrealer, Programmer, CEO at Tailscale. His blog is excellent.

Marc-André Cournoyer, Montrealer, Programmer, entrepreneur, well-known rubyist.

Why the Lucky Stiff. A peculiar lad, who's work influenced me to becoming a programmer.

Paul Graham. Founder of the startup incubator Y Combinator. Writer. Programmer.

Some cool websites

PHP, the right way. Kind of like "JavaScript: the good parts", but for PHP.

Tools for better thinking. Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decitions and understand systems.

LOW TECH MAGAZINE. Cool website about low-tech. Hosted on solar-powered mini server.

Cool tools


My, for more interesting links.

My GitHub stars, for open source projects I'm interested on.

My Goodreads profile for some reading suggestions.