My projects

Programming Languages DB

Programming Languages DB is a database where you can search for programming languages given many different criteria.


Pressmail is a WordPress Plugin and service to make email delivery easy-peasy.

Status Machine

Status Machine is a Web application that checks your website(s) to make sure it doesn't have critical problems that could affect your site's SEO, uptime or visibility.

It is currently in private beta, but let me know if you'd like to try it.

Open source software

Ruby on Rails Bible reading app

I have many open source projects that I maintain, but the one that I love the most is Data Bible. It's an Open source Web application to study the Bible. It's written in Ruby on Rails and CoffeeScript and it supports many interesting features like parallel reading of many translations at the same time, and tagging of verses, to name a few.

1MB bible

Another bible-reading web app I built is It's a web app to read the Bible, but it weights under 1MB and so it was a bit of a challenge for me to code it. In fact, it was meant to be added to the 1MB Club. A directory of sites that weight under 1 megabytes.

When you first load the page, it is almost exactly 1MB that is transfered over the wire, into your web browser. Then, there are two passes of decompression in order to fully load the holy scriptures in memory (4MB+), and finally, some HTML is generated to display it in readable form.
You can see the code over here.

Previous Projects

Daily WordPress Documentation

It was a daily mailing list where I posted the short version of the documentation of a WordPress function. It included stuff like example usage, return value, expected parameters, etc. The list reached as much as 1100+ readers after a couple of weeks of sustained effort. It was a great way for people to slowly learn the WordPress API for creating themes and plugins, one email at a time.

Client projects

As a freelance Web Developer, I've worked on several sites. Here are a few of them (most of which have changed since then):

Note: The projects are gray if they're no longer online or they changed since then.