My projects

Status Machine

Status Machine is a Web application that checks your website(s) to make sure it doesn't have critical problems that could affect your site's SEO, uptime or visibility.

It is currently in private beta, but let me know if you'd like to try it.

Open source software

I have many open source projects that I maintain, but the one that I love the most is Data Bible. It's an Open source Web application to study the Bible. It's written in Ruby on Rails and CoffeeScript and it supports many interesting features like parallel reading of many translations at the same time, and tagging of verses, to name a few.

Previous Projects

Daily WordPress Documentation

It was a daily mailing list where I posted the short version of the documentation of a WordPress function. It included stuff like example usage, return value, expected parameters, etc. The list reached as much as 1100+ readers after a couple of weeks of sustained effort. It was a great way for people to slowly learn the WordPress API for creating themes and plugins, one email at a time.

Client projects

As a freelance, I've worked on several sites. Here are a few of them (most of them have changed since then):

  • Element AICraft CMS PHP HTML JavaScript
  • MicriumPHP HTML JavaScript
  • Vitamine CanadaPHP HTML JavaScript
  • Groupe ProactionPHP Cake PHP HTML JavaScript
  • Josiane LevesqueWordPress
  • La Vallée de la FramboiseHTML JavaScript
  • Rymar Image ConceptWordPress HTML JavaScript
  • SeevibesPHP WordPress HTML JavaScript
  • Brûlerie Mlle CaféWordPress
  • LangevinsWordPress HTML JavaScript
  • Integrity ToysPHP Cake PHP HTML
  • Résidences QuébecPHP Laravel JavaScript
  • Clinique Pierre LarosePHP
  • DandurandCraft CMS HTML JavaScript
  • Espresso JobsPHP WordPress
  • Studio MonozygotePHP HTML JavaScript
  • Scooter DesignPHP WordPress HTML JavaScript
  • Vendeur 2.0 (for CCDMD)Ruby Ruby on Rails HTML JavaScript
  • MuulaWordPress
  • Like Moi!HTML JavaScript
  • Conférence Religieuse CanadienneRuby Ruby on Rails
  • RoncalliC# .NET
  • Fontaine de LamirandeWordPress
  • Agence MH BibeauWordPress
  • Denise Djokic (Cellist)PHP WordPress
  • Paul Marleyn (Cellist)PHP WordPress
  • Yegor Dyachkov (Cellist)Ruby Sinatra HTML JavaScript
  • David Jalbert (Pianist)PHP WordPress
  • Tel-JeunesHTML JavaScript
  • OSM (Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal)WordPress
  • Jean-Talon EstPHP
  • Agence Bobine et musiquePHP WordPress
  • Adrianne Pieczonka (Soprano)PHP WordPress
  • LakeJaneWordPress
  • Kahnawake VoicesRuby Ruby on Rails
  • Fan Club (Vrak)PHP WordPress HTML JavaScript
  • Tactik (Télé Quebec)PHP HTML JavaScript
  • Musée d'Art de JolietteCake PHP HTML JavaScript
  • LaitAuChocolat.comRuby Ruby on Rails HTML
  • Mets De La CrèmeRuby Ruby on Rails HTML
  • Rio TamboWordPress
  • Triple Forte (ensemble)PHP WordPress
  • Jasper Wood (Violonist)PHP WordPress JavaScript
  • La Famille du LaitRuby Ruby on Rails HTML JavaScript

Note: The projects are gray if they're no longer live or if they were changed since then.