About me

Julien Desrosiers with his laptop

I'm Julien Desrosiers, a Front-end (HTML-CSS, JavaScript) and Back-end (Ruby, PHP) Web developer, living in Montréal, QC, Canada.

My story

I've always been interested in graphic arts and computers. So, back in 2006, it was a natural move for me to go study in computer graphics, at Compétences 2000, Laval.

On the side, I took quite a few web design and front-end freelance gigs for a small web shop in Laval, all the while reading a great deal about HTML & CSS. But I wanted to do more than just basic front-end integration. So right after I finished my course, I took another course in Web development and e-commerce, at Collège de Maisonneuve, in Montréal.

And right after my Web development internship, in a digital marketing agency in Montreal, I was hired as a full-time Web Developer. I was building and maintaining CMSes in PHP and Python (with Django).

I also worked in a social media analytics startup in Montreal for 2 years, which gave me a hands on experience with big data challenges and distributed software infrastructures at scale.

But after that I returned as a freelance Web developer, looking for interesting challenges to work on.

My Services

  • Front-end integration: I do all of my front-end (user interface) programming with semantic HTML and cross-browser CSS and JavaScript. All responsive.
  • Back-end development: I’m proud to use the very best tools to create highly efficient and simple Web applications. Whether it’s Sinatra, Ruby on Rails or WordPress, I choose the right tools to deliver the results on time and budget.

Read more about my services here.