Web developers like love stats

Today, I received a FWD of one of those Google Search Console email reports.
That's great. Here's why:


0 page with first impression ?

There is still room for improvement.

stat 2

Here, I can see what are the pages that receive the most traffic. As you can see, it's not much, but it's nevertheless from those points that we should work. It's nice to know that people look up portfolio client's info and land on our client's site.

That could be a good thing to measure in our analytics. Since that could even guide us towards how to select our future clients (are they popular?). But I digress...

That also means that if we're going to make a redesign for that page, it's going to be useful to make sure we setup some redirections from those URLs to the new ones, so we don't disturb incoming traffic coming from Google.

stat 3

Here we can see the most popular keywords people use to get to that site. Again, if we're doing a revamp of that site, make sure those keywords still appear for the target pages we want people land on.

In our case, it's the name of the company, the market they're in (architecture), and the name of one of their clients.

stat 4

This should be a good indicator for where to put some QA love ;-)

stat 5

Even though our client is from Québec, we don't know how many of these clicks are coming from english-speaking parts of Canada. But it's good to consider serving your content in english as well. (And in our case, that's exactly what we're going to do ;-)

stat 6

And here, that's interesting for us as we have a lot of content in the form of images. That means we have an opportunity here to put alt attributes on our images, to get more views in Google Image. :)