Warning: lots of these basic web presences are still living in an innocent era of the Web, where being ranked high on Google was a nice to have, and having an SSL certificate was only good for websites where money was involved.

It was a more innocent era.

I have an uncanny affection for those sites that are strangely minimalistic. They were built in reaction to their time. Some of these are new, others are old. But they are all still charming in way.

  • xxiivv.com. A couple of lo-tech-nomads travel the word with their laptops and create art, tools for art making, and they maintain this web presence relating their adventure. This is their minimalist, beautiful blog.
  • pketh. The web presence of the creator of Kinopio.
  • Low-tech magazine (their solar-powered website). Their website is radical: It shows in the background the percentage of battery available to power their web server. What I love about it:
    • "This is a solar-powered website, which means it sometimes goes offline"
    • Low footprint: 636.27KB for the home page, currently.
    • Uses a nice combination of minimalistic and monochrome dithered images.
    • It is available in multiple languages (pretty cool for a magazine of that size)
  • cr.yp.to. D. J. Bernstein's website. He created stuff like qmail, djbdns, daemontools and other things I don't fully understand yet. I like his site because it's so minimal it doesn't even have a stylesheet, yet the guy is super into tech. Just has a different philosophy about it.
  • alcyone. One weird site with weird places, like this.

These are makers, artists, hackers, activists, and archivists. Still there, on today's Web. :-)